Darko Babic

Darko Babic is an Assistant Professor, with a PhD in Museum/Heritage Studies, acting as Chair of the Sub-Department of Museology at the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (University of Zagreb, Croatia).

Darko is active in contributing to the advancement of museum/heritage profession serving (among other roles) as Chair of ICOM Croatia (from 2014-), as Vice-Chair of ICOM-ICTOP (ICOM international committee on training) as well as Vice Chair of ICOMOS-ICIP. His research interests include topics related to museums/heritage and development, management and interpretation as well all sort of trainings related to aforementioned fields. He has extensive experience from working on EU projects as well as a freelance consultant for the museum/heritage sector within Croatia, and abroad. He is co-editor on the forthcoming (2021) Routledge & ICOM book on Museum Management. Darko’s grandmother was born in the city of Rijeka, where he spent perfect summers in the past. He is very passionate about the city and its museums/heritage and happy to support NEMO’s European Museum Conference, which originally was supposed to take place in Rijeka.

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2020, Darko Babic will moderate the special panel “Spotlight on Rijeka museums!” on 17 November.