Dragos Neamu

Dragos Neamu is the founder of the National Network of Romanian Museums (2006). He has extensive experience in museum and project management as well as in discovering and empowering creative and smart museum professionals.

The National Network of Romanian Museums is one of the top NGOs organizations in Romania and is involved in shaping national cultural policies and strategies, active in advisory boards and working groups dealing with financial programmes for cultural sector, legislation and policies. In 2012, Dragos Neamu coordinated an extensive working group of the Ministry of Culture about the contribution of cultural heritage and the CCIs to the national development, part of the Governmental strategy proposal for the next 2014-2020 financial framework (Structural Funds) – the Partnership Agreement with the EU.

In 2014, Dragos became a NEMO board member. In 2016, he was mandated to be the counsellor of the Minister of Culture on museums and creative and cultural sectors. Since 2008, he has been the manager of Night of Museums in Romania, one of the most prominent cultural brands in the country and a real social phenomenon that attracts more than one million people. Now, he is deeply involved in two major projects in Romania, two thematic museums, one about the Danube eco-system and another about the dramatic moment of the collectivization imposed by the Romanian communism regime.

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2020, Dragos Neamu will moderate the COVID-19 discussion group “Approaches to the new normal. Experiences of the first weeks reopening the museum" on 19 November 2020.