Kari Lämsä

Kari Lämsä is the Service Manager at Oodi Helsinki Central Library. His specialties are collaboration and library management. He is interested in developing and creating a better user experience for customers and making libraries even better working places for staff.

Kari has worked as a library manager for over 20 years and has given lectures on new library services at numerous international conferences. His particular interests deal with developing public city spaces in a way that satisfies the new needs of the customers. 

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2022, Kari Lämsä will join the session "Inside the museum of the future" on Monday 10 October

The era of the hierarchy is over

Presentation abstract

We’ve been working in self-managed teams at Oodi since 2018. It’s a continuous journey of learning, pushing our limits, and self-reflection. It’s not always easy and sometimes it means tears, but usually laughter and a feeling of togetherness and trust. Above all, it’s enabled us to succeed in a way we’d never have dreamt of before. Our biggest take-away has been that the time of the traditional hierarchy is over.  I’ll talk about what we’ve learned about self-managed teams, the impact on our work with the community, and the difficulties we’ve encountered on our journey towards becoming a self-managed organisation.