Museum Marketing is Business: How to set it up, considering international experiences, knowledge and models

25 - 26 June 2018 | Baku, Azerbaijan

The State Historical-Architectural Reserve “Icherisheher” hosted a training entitled “Museum Marketing” on November 25th and 26th, 2017. Facilitated by Björn Stenvers, the administrative building of the Icherisheher administration, Baku, welcomed 25 participants representing 4 museums in Icherisheher as well as the marketing department of the Administration. The group met to discuss and prepare museum marketing strategy, taking into consideration international experiences, knowledge, and models.

The training began with an immersion into the definition of marketing & business for museums and heritage and the structure of a business and a marketing strategy. They considered how to implement these in the museums of Icherisheher, as well as how to develop a mission statement based upon the examples discussed (which were drawn mainly from literature on non-museum activities). At the end of this introductory session, participants were invited to inform the group of the situation in their respective institutes. The main result from this session was an understanding of the basics of marketing strategy, and more specifically; a route for development in the museum community in the right time and order - taking our knowledge of global trends into consideration.

The next session was dedicated to an examination of the first 5 models of marketing, which were considered with examples and cases. The participants were also introduced to the history of marketing. During this session, the participants were invited to study the situations in or for their own institutes. The main deliverable of this session was a deeper understanding of the potential implementation of strategic marketing within the participants’ respective institutes.

The third session covered the following topic: Museums, Heritage and City (accompanied by region and country) Marketing. This session aided in developing a greater understanding of the role of museums in the promotion of the heritage specific to the area in which the museums themselves are located. The main take-away from this session was a comprehension of the importance of our museums, heritage, and libraries in an urban strategic studies environment.

The fourth session consisted of examples and cases relevant to the next 7 models of marketing. At the end of the training, the participants were divided into two groups and asked to prepare marketing strategy plans and then present them to the plenary. The result was a completion of the basic set (models, terms, definitions) of strategic marketing.

See the complete programme here.