LEM - The Learning Museum Network


LEM - The Learning Museum started as a three years EU funded project in 2010 with 23 partners from 17 European countries and the United States of America. It had the objective to establish a permanent network and web space for museums and adult educators interested in museum and heritage education, intercultural dialogue and lifelong learning.

LEM's  underlying philosophy is to consider museums not only as learning places, but learning organisations themselves: learning from the communities, from the public, from their stakeholders, and also from other agencies, with whom they build alliances to accomplish the ambitious objectives set by policies at national and European level and meet the challenges of the future decades.

When the EU funding  ended in October 2013, LEM had 62 additional associate partners which continued to grow during the following months. At the end of 2014 LEM was incorporated into NEMO to become a permanent Working Group called "Learning Museum" with the aim to maintain and expand the network and continue the research  and exchange activities carried out in the past.

Additional information on LEM, its history and activities in the past can be found here.


LEM Working Groups and Reports

During its lifetime, LEM established five Working Groups to research specific subjects and encourage the encounter of and the exchange of information among museum professionals in Europe. Each working group produced one or more reports which are downloadable.

The subjects researched and the reports produced are:

New trends in the museums in the 21st century
Report 1: The Virtual Museum
Report 7: New trends in museums of the 21st century

Museums and the ageing population
Report 2: Heritage and the Ageing population

Audience research, learning styles and visitor relation management
Report 3: Measuring Museum Impacts
Report 5: Technology and the public. Evaluation of ICT in museums
Report 6: Audience research as an essential part of building a new permanent exhibition. Stories from the field

Learning facilities and learning spaces in museums
Report 8: Learning Facilities and Learning Spaces in Museums

Intercultural dialogue
Report 4: Museums and Intercultural Dialogue

In addition to its report, the Intercultural Dialogue Working Group has produced in collaboration with the National Cinema Museum of Turin a short film "Shells. Museum for learning. Museum for living.", which shows the many ways a visitor can experience a museum and rediscover his own past.


Mobility and study visits

The LEM network attached great importance to peer learning and established a Mobility Scheme where some partners agreed to host colleagues interested in spending between some days and two weeks in their organisation, for job-shadowing or study visits during the project lifetime (Read a study visit report).

In addition, all Working Groups undertook several study visits to further the knowledge of the researched subject by travelling to places where good practices could be seen in a real work situation.

The idea of learning in a real setting and experiencing other colleagues' practices  remains unchanged as LEM becomes a permanent Working Group  under NEMO's umbrella.

Learn more about the activities of NEMO's working group LEM - The Learning Museum here.