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Various museums forced to close to the public due to Covid-19

NEMO has learned that museums in various parts in Europe - among them in Slovenia and in different regions in Belgium and Switzerland - are forced to shut their doors to the public again as a result of firmer Covid-19 restrictions. Despite the fact that all citizens and sectors need to collaborate to slow down the pandemic, NEMO questions the closing of museums as an adequate measure.

Until now, there are no reported cases of museums being infection hotspots. On the contrary, most museums are very well-equipped to allow for a Covid safe experience for both visitors and employees with time-slot entry systems and large spaces that allow for social distancing at all times. Unless there is a full lockdown in place, NEMO believes that museums should remain open to help people stay strong during the pandemic, contributing to well-being and mental health. NEMO recommends reviewing the drastic measures taken and to keep museums open to the public.

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