Archive | NEMO Annual Conferences

Since its foundation in 1992 NEMO organises its annual conferences once a year, to which it invites European museum associations and similar bodies, museum experts and other cultural organisations. It is held in the EU member countries and has since then strengthened the contacts and cooperation between European museums.


In 2019 NEMO's Annual Conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia, from 7-10 November.


Past conferences:
Please note, linked content is not always updated to reflect developments following the conference.

2018 Valletta, Malta
2017 Ghent, Belgium
2016 Karlsruhe, Germany
2015 Pilsen, Czech Republic
2014 Bologna, Italy
2013 Bucharest, Romania
2012 Dublin, Ireland
2011 Athens, Greece
2010 Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Linz, Austria
2008 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 Riga, Latvia
2006 Helsinki, Finland
2005 Manchester, United Kingdom
2004 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2003 Berlin, Germany
2002 Budapest, Hungary
2001 Antwerp, Belgium
2000 Lisbon, Portugal
1999 Vienna, Austria
1998 Stockholm, Sweden
1997 Thessaloniki, Greece
1996 Madrid, Spain
1995 Dublin, Ireland
1994 Antwerp, Belgium
1993 Frascati, Italy
1992 EC Museum Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark