What we do

NEMO ensures museums are an integral part of European life by promoting their work and value to policy makers and by providing museums with training, information, networking and opportunities for collaboration.

We collaborate

Through our network and supported by our website, through initiatives and lobbying, NEMO empowers museums and museum organisations to collaborate on multilateral projects at a European level and beyond. We work with other cultural organisations in Europe to publicise common causes and objectives and to show how cultural activities can be strengthened by working together. 

We advocate

NEMO champions the cause of museums at the European level and we influence EU policies that are relevant to museums. With our members and allies, we facilitate continuous dialogue with EU institutions and policy makers to stress the museum sector’s needs and to advocate its work and potential for Europe and globally.

We train

NEMO enables our members and the museum sector to network and share best practice at all levels, building on their capacity and improving the service they offer to the public. We also encourage building the skills of museum staff, thereby providing a quality public service.

We share

NEMO provides a platform and publications to help share information, events and best practice among museums, in order to learn from each other and to pursue shared goals. The network acts as a communication and information channel between the museums in Europe and the European institutions, their policies and funding opportunities.