NEMO European Museum Conference

At the 2022 NEMO European Museum Conference Innovation begins within - Resilient museums in times of disruptions we will explore how museums can become more innovative, agile and flexible in a fast-changing and challenging world. How can innovation be a structural component of museum operations?

Join us in Loulé!

The next NEMO European Museum Conference will take place from 9-11 October 2022 in Loulé, Portugal.

Join for inspiring panel discussions and keynote speeches, networking opportunities, museum study visits and much more.

Registration will open in June, until then sign up for a reminder and check out the draft programme.

No one can be sure of the future, but does that mean that museums cannot be futureproof? The pandemic has not only disrupted the world as we knew it, but also put a magnifying glass on the museum sector’s capacity to respond to other ongoing crises, making obvious that change is much needed. The ability to innovate, to react quickly and appropriately in new situations, and find creative ways to adapt will be crucial for any organisation to flourish in the future. At the 2022 NEMO European Museum Conference we will explore how museums can become more innovative, agile, and flexible in a fast-changing and challenging world. We will discuss how to make innovation a structural component of their operations. 

Together we will get inspired by best-practise examples and successful techniques from other sectors. Let’s embrace failure as a learning opportunity and have a self-critical look at the museum and its operations – including leadership, working conditions, funding and audience relevance. We will look inside museums to harness existing skills and identify what is lacking. We will look outside the sector to find inspiration for new approaches, perspectives and ideas.

Let’s grow more resilient together. Join us in Loulé, Portugal from 9-11 October 2022. 

Call for papers

Be part of shaping the conference by submitting a proposal to the Museum slam on Stories of failures and/ or for a workshop session. Proposals are welcomed until 31 May 2022.

Similar to the Fuckup Nights – a global movement in the business world – we want you to share your story of failure and what was learnt from failing. Workshop proposals must relate to agile working structures or new leadership models/ strategic planning in the museum.

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