NEMO Publications

NEMO and its Working Groups can share a number of publications on different aspects in the museum sector. One of the special characteristics of these publications is the large European scope they cover. NEMO's publications offer a great resource for advocacy, inspiration and methodology. Below you can find some of NEMO's most recent publications.

Museums out of the Box - The crossover impact of museums

Museums out of the Box - The crossover impact of museums (2019). At its 26th European Museum Conference, NEMO discussed the manifold values of museums and their spill-over effects to other sectors, such as social, entrepreneurial and educational, just to name a few. Culture and its crossover impact, had already been highlighted in the course of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and in the objectives of Europe 2020, the EU strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. With the conference and the conference publication, NEMO wanted to showcase museums’ strategic role for cultural heritage in European society. At the conference, discussions on emerging tendencies and structures that build successful forms of cooperation and sustainable initiatives between museums and other sectors were accompanied with best practice examples of museums that engage with their communities, with a specific focus on young people and marginalised group. Additionally, the conference put forward cases of the museums’ crucial role in urban development strategies, as drivers for the creative sector and partners for research and development agencies. The conference speakers Marie Briguglio Annemies Broekgarden Jill Cousins Sandro Debono Mikko Myllykoski Ragnar Siil Raivis Simansons Marina Tsekou and Henrik Zipsane have all contributed to the documentation.

Engaging Visitors in Natural History Museums

Engaging Visitors in Natural History Museums: A NEMO - The Learning Museum Group Report  (2019), by Ciara Hand. The NEMO Working Group LEM – The Learning Museum publication summarises research collected by the Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales working group Research and Visitor Studies. In 2018/19 the museum proposed to carry out a research to deepen the understanding museums have of visitor engagement with natural history displays. This report is the result of the research and it will hopefully yield some interesting insights for natural history museums.
Published in May 2019

Museums and Creative Industries - Case studies from across Europe

The NEMO Working Group Museums and Creative Industries’ report presents recent case studies, from across Europe, featuring innovative practice through partnerships between museums and creative industries. 18 cases studies from 10 different countries have been collected, mainly through the NEMO network. The majority of these case studies are drawn from the digital solutions field. There are also examples that showcase museum cooperation with performing arts and cinema, music industry, tourism and hospitality business, and the culinary sector. Through the report, the Working Group hopes to inspire museum managers and administrative leaders, as well as those working in the creative industries, to collaborate.
Published in November 2018.

European Museum Awards – A guide to quality work in museums

The publication presents an overview of existing award schemes together with easily accessible information of how museums can apply to the awards.The aim of the publication is to encourage museums to become acquainted with some of the most im­portant award schemes in Europe and to consider the idea of competing for one of them. As a museum applying for an award, it has to scrutinize itself and reflect over their past years’ achievements as well as where it is heading in the future. After all, assessing the quality of museum work also means assessing how the role of museums and the meaning of the word “museum” itself have changed over time. NEMO hopes that the publication will support museums in their work of delivering quality work for their communities and society at large.
Published in July 2018.

The NL Factor A journey in the educational world of Dutch museums

Sani, Margherita (2018): The NL Factor - A journey in the educational world of Dutch museums. This report focuses on children museums in The Netherlands and in particular on education addressed to children in these museums.  As a juror of the Children in Museums Award, Margherita Sani had noticed a high percentage of Dutch museums among the nominees and winners of the prize. She decided to investigate this recurring pattern and the evident success of Dutch children museums. She embarked on a journey where she visited numerous Dutch children museums and talked with several experts with the hope of identifying the NL factor, that special touch that makes the Dutch children museums stand out. The first part of the report summarizes the result of Sani’s research and the second part presents all Dutch nominees of the Children in Museums Award from 2012-2017.
Published in June 2018.

Museums and Creative Industries in Progress

The NEMO Working Group Museums and Creative Industries conducted research in the field of collaboration between museums and creative industries between 2014 and 2017. Through qualitative surveys in Latvia, Iceland and Poland and a Europe-wide quantitative survey of museums on their audiences, collections and cooperation, the working group identified common forms of cooperation between museums and creative industries and what needs to be done in the future to support the collaboration and improve the opportunities for the creative industries. Additionally, the report contains a condensed version of the Museums and Creative Industries Toolkit as prepared by the Northern Ireland Museum Council.
Published in December 2017

Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums

How are cultural institutions and activities being valued? Many different approaches, criterions and measurements - quantitative as well as qualitative - have evolved over the years. One of them being the economic value, which was the theme of NEMO's 2016 Annual Conference and is the focus of Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums. Museums are integrated into the economic world, but come with certain and unique specifics and layers. They are a part of the leisure society, have an impact on tourism and create work and wealth. This publication stems from this standpoint and provides perspectives from the cultural and economic sector on value measurement, profitability, partnerships and cooperation, financial strategies and business models, and the various spill-over effects.
Published in March 2017

Museum's 4 Values - Values 4 Museums

Museums play an essential role in European life. In the publication "Museums' 4 Values - Values 4 Museums" the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) presents four core values museums preserve and disseminate on behalf of society. The important role of museums in the creation of knowledge and lifelong learning, their impact on communities and their contribution to the economic sector, all of which are stemmed from their vast collections, are emphasised in this publication. These four values are highlighted through examples of museum projects from 22 European countries. The presented exemplary museum projects differ greatly in terms of geography, structure and theme, but emphasise how museums serve their visitors, in particular, and society in general.
Published in May 2015

Museums, Migrants and Cultural Diversity

In light of the recent migration movements in Europe, EU Member States are struggling to find ways to deal with, adapt to and accommodate a changing and more diverse society. Museums have been place of intercultural dialogue since their inception and there is a range of good models how museums work with migrant groups and help to facilitate intercultural dialogue on different levels. The present publication Museums, Migrants and Cultural Diversity, originally published by the German Museums Association and now adapted and published in English by NEMO, gives concrete and hands-on instructions for museums to find a multi-perspective and multicultural approach to their work and their collections in order to contribute to a healthy and diverse society.
Published in May 2016

Revisiting the educational value of museums: Connecting to Audiences

The publication "Revisiting the educational value of museums: Connecting to Audiences" documents NEMO’s 23rd Annual Conference from 5-7 November 2015 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. It invites readers to take a step back and look at the developments of the field of education in museums, particularly with regard to a wide diversification of audiences. Examples from countries with different educational traditions, among them from Czech Republic, the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland and Portugal, show that museums are developing from information disseminators to more inclusive environments fostering and supporting intercultural dialogue, participation and empowerment. Perspectives of colleagues from museum networks beyond Europe extend the views and emphasise the common thread of a social dimension included in educational programmes.
Published in March 2016

Learning in Museums and Young People

The NEMO - LEM Working Group study "Learning in Museums and Young People" focuses on museums informal and non-formal learning opportunities for teens (young people or young adults aged 14-25). It begins with the definition of a “Basic Framework” and the context of this study, introducing some important issues and in relation the more-than-ever important role of museums.
In the following 4 sections several topics are discussed: the relation between museums and young people with regard to motivations and methodologies to improve and increase access and engagement, the role of museums in the digital era and use of new technologies, the challenges of social exclusion and the multifaceted concept of accessibility and disadvantage referred to young people with disabilities.

In order to give specific references to EU context, all themes are introduced related to some of the Europe 2020 priorities, targets and flagship initiatives.
Published in May 2015

Museums and Creative Industries: Mapping Cooperation

The creative toolkit "Museums and Creative Industries: Mapping Cooperation" (2015) sketches the basic reasoning behind cooperations of museums and creative industries from both sides. Furthermore specific examples from Latvian museums point out the benefits of these connections. In the second part of the publication the theoretical approach towards the mapping of cooperations is explained, including guidelines for interviews with representatives of museums and the museums themselves, helping to visualize the museum’s networks. The toolkit was develop by the NEMO Working Group Museums and Creative Industries together with the think tank Creative Museums.
Published November 2015

Survey on Museums and Copyrights

Governments around Europe are re-thinking their approach to copyright, both on European as on national level. The European Commission is preparing the Digital Single Market Strategy, including a review of copyright legislative framework, will report in late 2015/early 2016. Since Copyright impacts on many aspects of museum work, museums need to make sure to be part of the discussions! With this survey NEMO sought to give an overview of “real life” museum practice and IPR-related problems. Through the feedback from museums all over Europe, NEMO and its Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights was able to produce well-supported recommendations for how copyright in Europe should be shaped to help museums with ensuring the best public access possible to their collections.
Published in September 2015

NEMO 21st Annual Conference Documentation

The documentation "Museums in the Digital Age and Museums and the Development of Active Citizenship" is a collection of articles from NEMO's 2013 Annual Conference in Bucharest, Romania. In times of an ever-changing society, museums face a shift of values. This development - an increased demand for museums to act as social agents encouraging social cohesion while also contributing to a growing economy - has become more and more important. NEMO tackles these and various other issues within this publication that examines key questions museums in Europe face on a daily basis. With articles from museum  professionals and experts from all over Europe the documentation offers a unique insight into three overarching themes: 'Museums in the Digital Age', 'Museums and the Development of Active Citizenship' and 'The Future of the EU Cultural Strategy'.
Published in 2014