Our team at the NEMO office are the contact point for members and other stakeholders and they manage the day-to-day work of the network.

Notice about COVID-19

As a result of security measures taken due to COVID-19, the whole team will work from home during the whole month of November. Please note that the phone will be unmanaged, but that we always are available per email ( Operations will go on as normal and we will continue to update members about the situation for museums in Europe. For as long as necessary, we will postpone meetings and training opportunities unless we are able to find a digital solution.

Team members

Julia Pagel

Secretary General


Rebecca Thonander

Communications Officer


Elizabeth Rosenberg

Project Officer


Margherita Sani

Project Coordinator


Dajana Damerow



Mira Höschler

Network & Community Manager, Trainings

On parental leave

Mareen Maaß

Project Manager

On parental leave