Information about the Museums Organisation

There is no national museums organization. However Heritage Malta (HM) incorporates 31 national museums and sites. There are a small number of independent museums, historic houses and heritage operators.



HM is co-funded by its ticket-revenues and a capital budget from national government.


Have the museums/your institution experienced budget cuts in connection with the financial crisis in the last two years? No.


What budget cuts in % are being made by (national) governments?

In actual fact central government has injected a 10% increase in capital projects


How do museums cope with the budget cuts?

Whilst trying to bolster business development, it has been established that new recruitments are heavily vetted and that retired staff is not replaced automatically.



Number of museums in your country:

National Museums

Archaeology 3

Art & Applied art 1

History & Social History 2

Natural Science 2

Military & Maritime 2


Historic Palaces 2

Historic Buildings 2



Heritage Sites 

Sites - mostly archaeological: 17 (6 are UNESCO WHS rated)


Total number of museums & sites:   31

Professionally run museums:  all are run by Heritage Malta



Museum magazine:

Annual Report 



National Museum legislation and structure:

Cultural Heritage Act from 2002

Cultural Heritage Act (Amendment) 2005.

(last update: 22.12.2010)