Number of museums:


Art and Design:   76

Archeology:   16

Ethnography and History:   143

Biography and Martyrdom:   66

Natural Science:   33

Technology:   32

Regional:   183

Other:   74

Total number of museums:   623



Ownership of Museums:


State:   15



Museum organisations:


Polish Museums Association,
ul. Krakowska 46,

31-066 Krakow,

T: +48 12 430 55 -75, -63
F: +48 12 430 63 30

Polish Association of Members of the Museum Professions
Wawel 5,

31-001Krakow, Poland
T: + 48 12 422 51 55
F: + 48 12 421 51 77

The Museum Centre
Pl. Wolnosci 2,

91-415 Lodz,

T/F: +48 42 639 79 93



Museum magazine:


published yearly


"Zdarzenia Muzealne"
published two times a year

both published by:

Osrodek Dokumentacji Zabytkow
ul. Mazowiecka 11

00-052 Warszawa,
T/F: +48 22 826 73 77


Legislation and structure:


Stowarzyszenie Zwiazek Muzeów Polskich - Polish Museums Association

The Museums Association in Poland was set up in December 1990 as an initiative of Andrzej Mikolajczyk and representatives of Lódz and Warsaw museums. The Association is a non-profit, voluntary, council organisation whose main aims are:

*disseminating knowledge and information about museums and museology

*propagating a code of ethics for museum professionals

*undertaking activities supporting museums development

*acting as a support organisation for employees and other museum organisations in Poland and abroad.


Stowarzyszenie Muzeów na Wolnym Powietrzu - Association of Open Air Museums

The Association of Open Air Museums was registered on 24 April 1998 in Torun. The activity of the Associations based on a charter approved by District Court in Torun. The Association operates over the whole country and there are associate museum professionals from 29 heritage parks in Poland.

The aims are:

*Ensuring the proper development of heritage parks

*Ensuring the scientific development of open air museums

*Creating bases for the exchange of practical and research experience in the field of organisation and building of open-air museums

*Representing issues crucial for the museums at the level of local and state government.