Working Group Museums and Creative Industries

The Working Group Museums and Creative Industries is looking into the mapping of various sorts of cooperation among museums and creative sector agents. The study should give an inspiration for what is already happening in terms of creative utilising of museum collections for producing products of high added value, and point to the rich opportunities the cooperation between cultural and creative sectors can open in the years to come. First results were published in November 2015. The think tank Creative Museum has been coordinating the working group Museums and Creative Industries within the NEMO since 2014.

The Creative Europe framework provides a perfect opportunity to bring to the fore and highlight museum's potential in stimulating creative sector, thus contributing to growth and jobs - the strategic targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Ineta Zelca Simansone, Creative Museum Think Tank, leads the group. If you would like to join the Working Group, please get in touch with Please note that NEMO members may join.

The working group's aims are:

  1. To raise the profile of museums in the context of creative industries;
  2. To learn more about cooperation between museums and creative industries: what is happening and where;
  3. To prove the benefits of cooperation among cultural and creative industries for the policy makers;
  4. To stimulate future cooperation among museums and creative industries agents;


The working group Museums and Creative Industries will contribute to the increase of knowledge and expertise regarding cooperation between museums and creative industries in view to growth and jobs - the strategic objectives of Europe 2020 Strategy.


Mapping innovative practice in European countries of museums and creative industries in order to highlight the multiple synergies and values - creative, connecting, wellbeing and economic - this cooperation can bring.


  • 10-13 June // Sviyazhsk and Kazan, Russia
    Study Visit and participation in an international seminar on museums and creative industries, organised by NEMO, ICOM Russia and Sviyazhsk Museum Island Reserve. Read the programme.

  • 8 November // Tartu, Estonia
    Working Group Meeting as part of NEMO's 27th European Museum Conference


Please note that only the recent activities of the Working Group are displayed on this page. For more information about past activities prior to 2017, please have a look at the Working Group's Archive.


NEMO's Working Group Museums and Creative Industries published a report to map cooperation in June 2015. As one of the key aspects for successful developments of creative industries, co-operations need to be analysed for their characteristics to figure out which factors play an important role for synergies and help increase the impact on the economy. For this analysis a methodology was developed and tested. The methodology was developed further and made available in the toolkit Museums and Creative Industries: Mapping Cooperation in November 2015. It also contains results from the first aplication of the toolkit to examine museums in Latvia. The research continues throughout 2016 and 2017 in several other European countries.

In April 2017 the Working Group published the results of it's survey "Museums and Creative Industries - Mapping Cooperation" that was conducted in several European countries. 86 respondents from 23 countries offer an impression of the typical kinds of cooperation between museums and the creative sector (exhibition development, offer premises for filming and hosting other cultural events are the top three) and their frequency, as well as future plans of the museums.