Have a look at the various benefits of your membership at NEMO both on personal and organisational level.

  • Participate for free in NEMO's training activities to develop your professional skills in an international context
  • Join one of NEMO's topic-specific Working Groups to get connected and learn as well as to attend yearly free study visits
  • Attend the General Assembly meeting and get free participation to the annual European Museum Conference for two staff members of your organisation. Any additional delegates receive a discount
  • Establish cross border collaborations, partnerships and contacts to other museums and museum organisations
  • Be part of NEMO's partner projects
  • Get tailored support to engage in cross-border cooperation projects
  • Get information about relevant EU policies, funding programmes and stakeholders
  • Be part of furthering political demands to EU and national institutions through the network
  • Promote your work in an international arena
  • Stay up to date with current museum trends
  • Be part of a community representing museums in Europe
  • Use of the logo and the mention of "Member of NEMO - the Network of European Museum Organisations"

Membership Categories

  • Full members
    Bodies responsible for museums at national and located in one of the member countries of the Council of Europe. One full member per country is permitted
  • Network members
    Organisations representing more than 1 museum (eg. ICOM committees, museum umbrella foundations, other museum networks)
  • Individual organisations
    Museums, interest groups, service organisations for museums
  • Museum-related businesses
    Companies that primarily focus on delivering goods and services to the museum sector

Membership Fee

The membership fee for the Full, Network and Individual members is set according to their annual turnover.

Organisation’s Annual Turnover NEMO Annual Fee
< 300.000 Euro250 Euro
300.000 to 600.000 Euro 500 Euro
> 600.000 Euro  1.000 Euro
> 1.000.000 Euro1.500 Euro

The membership fee for Museum-related business members is set according to the annual turnover.

Company’s Annual Turnover NEMO Annual Fee
< 300.000 Euro500 Euro
300.000 to 600.000 Euro 1.000 Euro
> 600.000 Euro 2.000 Euro
> 1.000.000 Euro3.000 Euro

Do you want to become a member?

NEMO trial memberships

Five museums or museum-oriented organisations will be selected to enjoy the benefits of a NEMO membership for free each year 2022-2024. The one-year trial membership includes networking activities, training offers, opportunity to gain more experience about EU policies and funding and much more.

The 2022 call for applications is closed. The next call will be published in January 2023.