Museums and Sustainability

NEMO encourages and supports museums to do their part and actively contribute to a more sustainable future. We advocate for stakeholders to fully recognise the potential of museums as allies in the sustainable transition.

NEMO report provides recommendations for...

NEMO publishes a report that reflects the status quo of European museums in the climate crisis. The report is opened with seven key recommendations for policy makers and the sector that will help tap the full potential of museums...

Now online: NEMO Webinar on museum action for...

The recording of the NEMO Webinar on museum actions for climate empowerment from 14 November 2022 is now available to watch online. It also includes a sneak peek of some main findings from the Europe-wide survey on museums and...

Guide for museums about climate empowerment...

The guide Action for Climate Empowerment, by Henry McGhie of curating Tomorrow, explains how galleries, libraries, archives and museums can support climate empowerment everywhere and for everyone.


What NEMO does

NEMO wants to make sure that museums are recognised and supported by EU policy makers for the work they do to contribute to a sustainable future by:

  1. Advocating for the instrumental role of museums in providing opportunities for decent work, poverty reduction, social resilience, gender equality and other aspects relevant to the SDGs.
  2. Illustrating how museums and creative industries contribute to the realisation of development targets by providing solutions in urban and rural, European national and local contexts.
  3. Providing information about the different approaches that museums in Europe and around the world are taking to contribute to the Green Deal and help make the world more sustainable in the future.
  4. Encouraging co-operation between museums and other players to form strong alliances reaching out to global citizens at every level.
  5. NEMO is an active member of Museums for Future and the Climate Heritage Network, an ambassador of the European Climate Pact, and works with a variety of organisations dedicated to climate action and sustainability to help bring the sector together, to align views and actions, and to support museums with a strong voice in their sustainable transition.

NEMO's advocacy actions

Report on climate change

Based on answers to a survey NEMO ran from April to June 2022, the report reflects the status quo of European museums in the climate crisis. It includes key recommendations that will help tap into the full potential of museums as contributors and allies in the sustainable transition of Europe. The report is accompanied with a handy 2-pager that highlights the 7 recommendations.

Read the full report

Energy crisis and sustainability

NEMO is monitoring the situation for museums in the current energy crisis. In addition to an interactive map, NEMO has published a statement calling on policy makers to support museums to investments in infrastructure so that buildings can be maintained in a more energy-efficient, ecological and sustainable manner.

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