Explore collection of heritage-related resources

The recently launched digital repository the Heritage Library offers a rich and multilingual collection of heritage-related materials, ranging from research papers, articles and case studies to audiovisual content.

The Heritage Library, published by the European Heritage Hub, aims to enhance accessibility and foster knowledge-sharing within the sector. Users can navigate the platform with an advanced filtering system organised by category, document type, language, geographic location, and publication date.

Using the Five Pillars of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage and the Triple Transformation as a connecting thread, the library aims to broaden knowledge of existing heritage actions, facts, and figures and encourage the exchange of best practices beyond borders in the following main themes:

You will find some of NEMO’s recent resources in Library, which invites contributions.

The European Heritage Hub brings together heritage stakeholders and initiatives across Europe to support the transition towards a more sustainable, digital and inclusive society.