BE MUSEUMER ran from 2019-2022 and received funding under the Creative Europe programme to develop opportunities for learning and research exchange in the South Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan). The project responded to the urgent need for continuous learning in the region to improve capacity building for early to mid-career museum staff.

The consortium project BE MUSEUMER was led by the Georgian Museum Association (GA) together with the project partners Deutscher Museumsbund/NEMO - the Network of European Museum Organisations (DE) and the Academy of Cultural Management (NL).

The goal was to elevate professionalism, change management, cross-border cooperation and in general to advance the field in the region to better respond the 21st century museum challenges. Through research actions and activities, BE MUSEUMER explores current challenges in the museum field for all three countries. Based on the findings and outcomes of the problem analysis, BE MUSEUMER produced recommendations.

BE MUSEUMER also introduced a transnational mobility strategy that empowered emerging museum specialists with interventions by leading European museum experts. By focusing on education as a vital cornerstone, the project successfully reached the goal of elevating professionalism of museum workers by strengthening their key competences and skills for the museum field, as well as facilitated them to be integrated in the common European museum space.

Recording of the final conference

International Training Programme

Through the long-term initiative International Training Programme (ITP), BE MUSEUMER built a global network of “museumers” to encourage transnational mobility and empower young museum workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase the growth and sustainability of museums in their countries.

BE MUSEUMER ITP delivered a multifaceted learning experience that included 12 trainings, 6 webinars, peer conversations, 3 conferences, group problem-solving exercises, panels with senior-level executives, with the focus on social, educational, economic role of museums. The ITP sessions covered topics like audience development, customer journey and hospitality, museum marketing and business culture development, diversity and inclusion as well as best and next practices in museums. Recordings of webinars, online studies, conferences are available on the project's YouTube channel. Below, we have highlighted two recordings of activities that NEMO hosted.

During the 3.5 years project duration and through the ITP, BE MUSEUMER also produced 5 publications via research and translation actions.

Digital Study Visit in Germany
Webinar on cross-border cooperation for museums

Project reach and beneficiaries

The project reached thousands of people active in the museum and heritage sector: nearly 232 museum professionals have exclusively benefited from the ITP learning modules, and the online audience exceeded 2213 people. 356 museums and institutions benefited directly by participating in the ITP and research actions in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, BE MUSEUMER established the International Centre of Museum Studies based at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, which will serve as regional and international platform for all beneficiaries, students and museum professionals at large.

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