8 Culture Organisations Release Recommendations for Building Synergies between Education and Culture

Recommendations for building synergies between education and culture has been released in the hope of creating a stronger bond between the two fields. The signatories of a recent statement suggest that an inclusive society can be achieved by fostering a true partnership at all levels.

The Lifelong Learning Platform, Culture Action Europe and Access to Culture pushed for the need for stronger synergies between education and culture in 2013 already. In the light of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and recent policy developments, including the European Commission’s 2017 Communication “Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture”, the need to revisit the subject has been identified by the signatories of the new statement. The result can be seen in seven additional recommendations to the original document released back in 2013.

Both culture and education become important parameters when the skills necessary for today and tomorrow’s societies are developed. The signatories state that the natural linkage between the two policy areas more increasingly are forgotten and that its importance needs to be revisited and pushed for. Both positive economical and societal perspectives of maintaining synergies between education and culture can be identified.

The additional seven steps to build synergies between culture and education be read below.

  1. Implement a shared cross-sectoral strategy for education and culture at EU level, reflected in both policy and programmes;
  2. Boost quality learning mobility for learners, educators and cultural professionals;
  3. Systematically address how digital technologies are affecting the interlinkage between education and culture;
  4. Recognise the equal value of cultural and arts education by mainstreaming STEAM;
  5. Adopt targeted measures to improve implementation of key competence Cultural Awareness and Expression;
  6. Mainstream a contemporary definition of “learning environment” and “educator” into education policies;
  7. Match the high importance of education and culture with adequate investment and programmes

<link https: cultureactioneurope.org news building-synergies-between-education-culture external-link-new-window external link in new>Access the full joint position from Culture Action Europe, Lifelong Learning Platform, European Association for Education of Adults, EDEN, European University Foundation, EUROCLIO, Europeana and Public Libraries 2020 in full here.