Action-oriented community to push the sustainable transition of Danish museums

© Werner Otto / Alamy Stock Foto An old brick building is lit by green spotlights. In front of it numerous people have gathered to watch it.

© Werner Otto / Alamy Stock Foto

The Danish Museums Association (MA) has launched a charter to help its members and Danish museums at large in the green transition and move towards a CO2-neutral future.

The aim of the charter is to create an action-oriented community among the members of the Danish MA to support their green transition. It acts as a pledge and tool that museums can use in their efforts to adapt to a sustainable future.

With the charter, members of the Danish MA are asked to work systematically with the museum's green transformation. The Green Academy will support their work and will, among other, offer a number of continuing education activities during 2024, where managers and employees can discuss challenges and solutions with colleagues and be prepared to take on the task.

In a press release (in Danish) about the charter, the Danish MA explains that the question about the most important components of green transition have been the driving force behind the development of the charter. It’s a joint effort by the members of the Danish MA, the MA initiative Green Academy and a number of foundations.

In their work they found that the green transition:

  1. Must be formulated strategically.
  2. Must be anchored and communicated organisationally.
  3. Must be monitored systematically.
  4. Requires further training.

NEMO is also supporting the green transition of museums in Europe. A recent recent report on museums and climate related policies supports museums to take political action in the climate crisis and follows.

NEMO is also accepting submissions to its interactive map that shows how museums are acting on the climate crisis. NEMO encourages museums across Europe to participate in the crowdsource project by submitting their big and small projects via