Another successful year of NEMO One to One Mentoring

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In 2023, 10 persons participated in the NEMO membership exclusive training programme One to One Mentoring. The opportunity is offered in partnership with the Group for Education in Museums (GEM). The call for applications for the spring period is open until 12 February 2024.

For the second year in a row, both mentees and mentors are pleased with the experience and found the NEMO One to One Mentoring to be very beneficial for their professional development. One mentee said that the "programme was one of the most meaningful experiences at the start of my career as a museum professional."

All mentors are based in the United Kingdom and are connected to GEM. The following countries were represented by the mentees: Greece, Ireland, Spain, Montenegro, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Volunteer mentors and the mentees were matched by interests, skills and experience.

One of the mentors explained how mentoring another museum educator increased their confidence: “I feel more confident in my role as a museum educator. Knowing there is support available to me has given me courage to pursue new projects and ideas.

The spring round of mentees and mentors met between March and July. The autumn participants met between September and December. The mentees had access to 3 sessions à 90 minutes with their mentors that they got to schedule online according to their availability.

After participating in the programme, one NEMO mentee shared that I have utilised resources my mentor introduced me to and successfully put together a programme for the elderly community in the local area. I have also taken steps to network with local schools in order to create programmes that better suit their needs and curriculum.”

Apply now for the 2024 mentoring

Take the chance to develop professionally in individualised mentoring sessions. The sixth call for applications is open right now. 5 successful applicants will be matched with a mentor for 3 mentoring sessions between September-November 2024.  

The opportunity is especially suitable for museum professionals/museum educators with a role in learning. Applicants are only considered if they are connected to a NEMO members organisation. Perhaps the museum you are working at is a member of the national museum association of your country? In this case, and provided that the national museums association is a member of NEMO, the association can nominate you to apply to the mentoring opportunity. Get in touch with for more information.