Be part of shaping the future of European democracy in upcoming European elections

From 6-9 June 2024, eligible EU citizens are invited to be part of shaping the future of European democracy by voting for their representatives at EU level in the European elections. 

By casting a vote, you will be part of putting together the Members of the European Parliament. The European Parliament is tasked to prepare and adopt laws that affect everyone in the European Union. 

EU laws address our everyday lives in areas such as environment, security, migration, social policies, consumer rights, economy, rule of law and many more. By using your vote to choose your representatives at EU level, you can influence the decisions that will be taken and will have an impact on your life and the lives of everyone living in the European Union.

As for the museum sector, EU decisions do not only have a general impact of cultural budgets but may also have an impact on the green deal, which could lead to effects on museums’ infrastructure and operations. EU ruling also guides future digital support and copyrights legislation, which are of special interest now with the rapid rise in AI. Even the use of chemicals in restoration is subject to EU ruling. 

In the elections, you cast a vote for national political parties, but once Members of the Parliament (MEPs) are elected, many become part of transnational political groups. MEPs sit in political groups based on shared ideals. There are seven groups in the current Parliament.