Call for Applications: Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals - Challenges and Opportunities

 Diagram illustrating 17 sustainable development goals. Each keyword is represented by a simple illustration in a colourful square.

Voices of Culture is accepting applications for its third meeting, which will focus on the challenges and opportunities for culture and the UN's sustainable development goals. Voices of Culture offers a platform for structured dialogue between the cultural sector and the European Commission. Applications are welcome until 11 October.

Upon a successful application, the participants will meet digitally for a brainstorming meeting on 2 and 3 December 2020 to share input on several areas of discussion, as seen below. The topical discussion will be framed by a discussion paper by Voices of Culture’s independent expert Gijs de Vries.

  • Education. What can the EU do to support arts education and citizenship education to promote peaceful, inclusive and sustainable societies?
  • Growth and employment. How can the EU help improve working conditions for artists? How should it support the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development? How should sustainable cultural tourism be promoted?  (See also the findings of the previous Voices of Culture dialogue on developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential).
  • Sustainable communities. While there has been significant EU action to protect and safeguard cultural and natural heritage, particularly in the context of the 2018 European Year and its follow-up, are there other areas of culture policy where the EU could/should do more?  For example, what more could/should the EU do to promote the sustainability of cultural infrastructures in communities, in light of COVID-19? 
  • Climate action. How should the EU support the cultural sector in strengthening resilience and adapting to climate change?
  • Freedom of expression. What more should the EU do to protect artists at risk, and to promote freedom of expression and the right to culture in the European Union and around the world?

The call is open to representatives of the cultural and creative sectors (professional organisations, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, European networks, foundations, private organisations, etc.) with relevant expertise on the topic Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities who would like to contribute to discussions with the European Commission. Organisations applying must be from one of the 28 EU Member States

  • Find more information and the application form online.