Call for proposals – NEMO research on climate action and civic engagement

© Federico Tardito / Alamy Stock Foto Young people are shouting and holding banners during a climate protest.

© Federico Tardito / Alamy Stock Foto

The NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action invites proposals for a research project aiming to develop a methodology that empowers museums to host citizen assemblies.

Museums emerge as crucial spaces for fostering dialogue, democratic engagement, and collaborative actions. The NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action (SAC) wants to develop a methodology to support museums to engage with their communities on critical issues, such as climate action, by for instance hosting citizen assemblies.

  • Learn more in the call for proposals.
  • The research period is April-July 2024.
  • Applications are welcome until 18 March 2024.

The aim of the methodology is to facilitate meaningful engagement with diverse audiences on climate action while considering the following key objectives defined by the working group during the Workshop “Amplifying Democracy” at the NEMO European Museum Conference 2023:

  • Audience Definition & Recognition: Understand and define the target audience and acknowledge the diversity of audience groups, each with distinct motivators, priorities, and capacities.
  • Community Outreach: Recognize that allies may exist beyond the museum's existing community and develop  strategies for establishing relationships with them.
  • Mediation: Ensure that the museum serves as a space for constructive dialogue, fostering an environment conducive to open and inclusive discussions.
  • Motivation: Reflect on the factors motivating individuals to join the conversation and contribute to the development of the museum's climate action initiatives.

The researcher will lead the project and be supported by the working group in a collaborative process. The Working Group plans to host a workshop where insights and contributions to the topic can be further developed, to which the selected main author is invited and highly encouraged to attend.

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