COP26 – Amplify cultural voices to support climate change action

© Image: Daniel Funes Fuentes Two people are shown from the back while putting plants into triangle-shaped pots. Numerous pots are attached to a green and white wall, creating a geometric pattern.

© Image: Daniel Funes Fuentes

The global political climate event of the year, the 2021 UN Climate Conference (COP26), runs from 31 October to 12 November online and in Glasgow, Scotland. Cultural voices can make a difference for the climate and there are several culture related events to join and many ways for cultural organisations to get involved and show support for climate action.

Join the free virtual event On the Front Line: Arctic Museums and Climate Change on 2 November 2021. Coinciding with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26), this virtual symposium will convene speakers from museums located in or representing the Arctic to address climate change and the imminent threat it poses to the indigenous communities they serve.

As a member of the Climate Heritage Network (CHN), NEMO wants to share important actions highlighted by the CHN to make the voice of culture heard at COP26. For over a year, CHN members and partners have been working on ways to boost cultural voices at COP26 and beyond. Considering that the collective national contributions (NDCs) submitted in advance of COP26 fall dangerously short of keeping the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, every voice is necessary in amplifying the dire need for action.

Sign the Culture at COP Manifesto

The manifesto Accelerating Climate Action through the Power of Arts, Culture and Heritage: A Manifesto for COP26 on Keeping 1.5° Alive has been created by a diverse drafting team and presents a set of high level messages on the role culture can play in keeping the goal of 1.5° alive and in pursuing a resilient world. Show your support by signing it, either as an organisation or as an individual.


The Culture at COP website includes a comprehensive list of COP26-related art, culture and heritage events around the world. If you're organising a virtual or in-person event, reach diverse audiences by listing it on the website. Visit the website to find culture-related climate action events to visit, either online or in-person.

Attend the CHN 2021 Annual General Assembly on 1 November at 12:45 CET

Join the 2021 CHN Annual General Assembly (AGA) to hear highlights of work in 2021 to mobilise arts, culture and heritage for climate action; a summary of what you can expect at COP26; and a preview of culture-based climate action in 2022. The AGA will also feature the launch of a new Climate Heritage Resource Library with tools designed to help dismantle barriers to climate action by cultural operators - the culmination of the CHN's Madrid-to-Glasgow Arts, Culture and Heritage Climate Action Plan released at COP25.

Engage with the issues the COP26 delegates are debating

The guide COP26 and Climate Policy: A Guide to the Cultural Dimensions helps cultural organisations engage with climate policy and understand how they might contribute to the discussions. It suggests entry points for cultural actors in issues ranging from Environmental Integrity in the Article 6 Rulebook to Just Transition, Gender Responsive Climate Action and Decarbonising Agriculture.

Get ready to Run the Race to Resilience

Tackling climate change requires an all-of-society-effort, but too often the cultural dimensions have been missed. The announcement in September 2021 of the inclusion of Culture in the UN's new Race to Resilience campaign flips this paradigm. The Race to Resilience aims to catalyse a step-change in global ambition for climate resilience. Join CHN on 2 November for A Culture of Resilience: Launch of the Climate Heritage Network Race to Resilience Campaign to learn how cultural organisations can partner with the campaign.