Creative Europe budget 2024 announced by the Commission

The Creative Europe programme will receive a budget of more than 320 million euro in 2024. The programme still focuses on the support of the sectors after the Covid-19 crisis and the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Other priorities include transitioning the sectors towards sustainability and inclusiveness.

The European Commission has announced that it will publish new calls for:

  • European cooperation projects
  • circulation of European literary works

The Commission will also publish multi-annual calls (4 years) for the:

The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) has published the full 2024 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe programme.

In preparation for the upcoming calls, check out NEMO’s Toolkit on EU funding for an overview of the benefits of international cooperation from a museum perspective. A recent NEMO Webinar offers updates on the Toolkit and explains how small institutions can benefit from the possibilities offered by Erasmus+. The Commission also offers guidance in its interactive guide on EU funding 2021-2027 that maps 75 funding opportunities available for the cultural and creative sectors.

On 6 September, NEMO shared that we together with 70 cultural networks addressed a letter of concern regarding the proposed 40-million-euro budget cuts of Creative Europe to the EU Member States and the Council of the European Union. The proposed cuts to the 2024 Creative Europe budget would significantly weaken the Creative Europe programme, but barely have any impact on the EU’s budget savings.