Culture Action Europe wants to put Culture on the Agenda for the European Elections 2019

On 21 September 2018, Culture Action Europe, CAE, published an appeal to EU politicians urging them to recognize culture and to approach cultural issues constructively and respectfully in the upcoming European elections. CAE writes, “without the explicit recognition of its cultural dimension, the future of the European Union as a common endeavor is difficult to imagine.”

In a time full of eurosceptism and growing polarization of the society, culture should be seen as a source of unity, cooperation and mutual understanding. Celebrating the cultural diversity found within Europe can help unify Europe. CAE appeals to all political forces to approach cultural issues constructively and respectfully within the European elections.

In the manifest, the following appeals directed to the European political parties and groups can be found:

  • To explicitly recognise the fundamental role of culture for the progress of the European Union in their programmes, including a clear definition of their strategic guidelines for cultural policy at EU level. Voters must know in advance where each party stands, at a minimum, on support for culture, cultural diversity and cultural rights, freedom of artistic and cultural expression, as well as their proposals regarding welfare regimes and labour conditions for vulnerable cultural workers;
  • To propose candidates with cultural awareness. As a prerequisite for strong leadership, candidates must be able to assess policies from a multifaceted perspective, including social, economic and cultural considerations. We must transcend traditional frameworks only taking into account legal and economic factors that have shaped European action in the past and increasingly shown their limits;
  • To recognise creation as the origin of cultural value, which will later inspire social and economic impact, and accordingly merits initial public investment. To recognise artistic research and experimentation as key for generating new knowledge and critical thinking, developing new approaches towards emerging technological, environmental and social challenges and in the production of contemporary culture, including digital cultures;
  • To devote at least 1% of the EU budget to culture and to double the financial allocation for culture in the Creative Europe programme. Creative Europe must be endowed with sufficient resources to guarantee impact and accessibility. At the same time, the mainstreaming of culture requires prior dedicated fund allocation in all programmes to be effective.

CAE’s appeal draws inspiration from “Priorities for Museums - NEMO’s Recommendation for the European Parliament Elections in 2019”.  Download the policy paper, which was released earlier this year, here.

Read the full version of “Culture Action Europe’s Appeal for the European Elections 2019” here.