Culture for the Planet presents sustainability model for museums

The research project Culture for the Planet, conducted at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, has developed a sustainability star model to guide the sustainability actions of museums and help them develop sustainability management.

Culture for the Planet seeks to develop frameworks and tools to accompany the cultural sector towards more ambitious and more systematic actions for sustainability. The project addresses the lack of a coherent understanding of sustainability in the museum field and aims to develop a condensed, simplified representation of sustainability that could guide action for museums.

Their sustainability star model has three spheres:

  • The Core Sphere: four essentials that each sustainable museum needs to cover
  • The Social Sphere: eight dimensions that cover people-related challenges
  • The Ecological Sphere: eight dimensions that cover environment-related challenges

The four essentials and sixteen dimensions of the sustainability star give equal weight to the social sphere and the ecological sphere, emphasising that tackling environmental issues should move in lockstep with improving people’s wellbeing.

The next step of the Culture for the Planet project is to create a certification system to guide museums on their sustainability journey.