Call for applications - NEMO Training on decolonisation in museums

© Pitt Rivers Museum

© Pitt Rivers Museum

On 16 September 2022, a NEMO Training on decolonisation will take place in Bristol, the United Kingdom. To fill the final spots, NEMO is extending the deadline for applications to 1 August. Apply now for the chance of building on your knowledge in this important topic and enhance your museum’s relevance to a wider audience while connecting with European colleagues. NEMO members participate free of charge and are covered by travel grants.

Participants of the one-day training “Who’s afraid of decolonisation?”, hosted by the UK Museums Association, Bristol Museums and the steamship SS Great Britain, will get to explore what decolonisation in museums means and will be introduced to some of the theories and practices that inform this work. The location, Bristol, provides a relevant backdrop to the issues that will be discussed since it recently has been at the epicentre of the conversation between heritage, representation and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Starting with an overview of decolonisation, the morning workshop will introduce you to the ways in which this work can be approached in a straightforward manner, while also not shying away from the inevitable controversies that it will bring. With evidence of good practice and thinking in this rich field the UK Museums Association (MA) hopes to inspire you either to begin or continue your decolonisation work with confidence. The afternoon will include a behind-the-scenes tour of the M-Shed, where the statue of slaver Edward Colston which was thrown into the harbour during the BLM protests in 2020 is kept.

Apply for an exciting day which will take as its premise that decolonisation is not a punitive exercise, but one that if approached wholeheartedly, will enhance your sense of a shared humanity and your museum’s relevance to a wider group of people.

The Museums Association published their Decolonising Museums guidance at the end 2021 and set up a skills building programme around the topic. Roshi Naidoo is in charge the campaign and will lead the NEMO training day.

Up to 8 people connected to NEMO member organisations will receive travel grants of 500-600 euro. Other people working within the museum sector are eligible to participate in the training to a fee of 250 euro.

  • Apply by sending a letter of motivation (max 1 page), CV and proof of NEMO membership (only applicable for applicants working at NEMO member organisations).
  • Find more information in the call for applications.
  • Deadline to apply: 1 August 2022.

More about the UK Museums Association (MA)

The MA is a dynamic membership organisation that campaigns for socially engaged museums and a representative workforce. MA works ethically and sustainably and collaborates with partners with common aims and values. MA advocates for and supports museums and everyone who works in and with them so that the value and impact of museums and their collections is realised.

The MA is a member of NEMO – the Network of European Museum Organisations.