Dutch museums are experiencing significant financial hardship

The Netherlands Museums Association has carried out a national research on how Dutch museums are coping in the corona crisis. The results were released on 9 April and paints quite a concerning picture for the future of Dutch museums.

The outcome of the research suggests that museums in The Netherlands have significant financial worries because of their temporary closure due to the corona virus. One in five museums indicates that from next month onwards they expect issues to continue paying their salaries. The loss of audience related income for museums amounts to 10 million euro a week. A calculation of the impact shows that that the risk that a quarter of the museums goes bankrupt is significant.

NEMO has also carried out a survey to map how museums in Europe are impacted by COVID-19 security measures. 650+ museums from 41 countries have shared insights to how they are coping in the first weeks of the corona crisis. Read the initial report to learn how COVID19 has impacted museum budgets and operations as well as how they re-organise their structures and offer new services to their audiences.

We will keep monitoring the situation in order to compare results gathered during a longer time period. As more information is gathered, we will release more detailed data. The survey is open until 17 April 2020.