European Commission published a call to support Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors

© Photo by Yana Hurskaya, Image: Yana Hurskaya Statue wrapped in protective material.

© Photo by Yana Hurskaya, Image: Yana Hurskaya

On 13 September 2022, the European Commission published the call “Support to Ukrainian displaced people and the Ukrainian Cultural and Creative Sectors”. Applications are accepted until 29 November 2022.  

The call aims to support Ukrainian artists outside their country, cultural organisations in Ukraine and preparation for the post-war recovery of the Ukrainian cultural and creative sector. It also aims to help Ukrainians displaced by the war to have access to culture and to facilitate their integration into their new communities through culture. €5 million have been allocated to the special call, which is published under the Creative Europe programme.

Three projects will be selected for financing by consortia set up within countries associated to the Creative Europe programme. Ukrainian organisations will also contribute, giving grants to small-size initiatives implemented at grass root level.