Guide on how to talk about disability

Acesso Cultura’s resource “How (and when) to talk about disability?” guides cultural communication professionals and journalists to use less ableist language and practise a more inclusive communication.

In two sections, How (and when) to talk about disability covers each person’s responsibility in building an inclusive society and shares strategies for cultural communication professionals and journalists.

The guide is closed with a summary of recommendations and tips:

  • Look for information and training on these issues if you want to write and speak about them.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Look for specialised, knowledgeable and diverse sources. The lived experience of a person with a disability is not enough for them to be able to speak for an entire community. And no community thinks homogeneously.
  • Deaf people and people with disabilities may be the subject of your piece, but they are also the readers.
  • Deaf people and people with disabilities must also be part of the teams (in cultural organisations and the media). Support these professionals, help create access conditions, safe and inclusive workspaces.