How to Maximise the Impact of Museum, Culture and Local Development

A recent guide by ICOM and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) advises policymakers, both at the local and national level, on how to design efficient local development strategies that leverage culture and target public investments. Museums, local governments and communities are also encouraged to collaborate in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Culture and Local Development: Maximising the Impact - Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museum is organised around five themes, as listed below. Suggestions of actions and policy options for both museums and local governments is included in each of the five sections.


  • Economic development and innovation
  • Urban design and community development
  • Cultural and educational development
  • Inclusion, health and well-being
  • Managing the relationship between local government and museums to maximise the impact on local development

Access the guide here.

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