Joint letter on the effect of COVID-19 on Creative Europe and the European CCS

NEMO is one of the signatories of a joint letter written by Culture Action Europe and directed to the Commissioner Gabriel and Members of Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC). The letter, which was sent on 20 March 2020, lists the proposals regarding ways to cope with the consequences of COVID-19 on Creative Europe and the European Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS).

On behalf of European Cultural Networks, platforms and cultural organisations, Culture Action Europe outlines the main areas at stake and put forward proposals that would help to support the cultural and creative sectors during this challenging time. The letter calls for flexibility measures regarding:

  • Eligibility period
  • Eligibility of costs
  • Replacement of activities
  • Additional funding

The letter also calls for the EU to support the Cultural and Creative Sectors and encourages Commissioner Gabriel:

  • To support the plea to the European institutions and national governments to adopt emergency measures that specifically and adequately support the sustainability of the cultural ecosystem - similarly to what is being planned for small businesses.
  • To call on the European Commission to earmark part of the € 25 billion emergency package to Europe’s economy specifically for the cultural and creative sectors.

Read the full letter.

Reade NEMO’s statement on COVID-19’s impact on the European museum sector, published on 17 March 2020.

Culture Action Europe is in a continuous conversation with the DG EAC and is passing over messages and proposals deriving from the cultural sector. In case you want to raise issues that are not in the letter, get in touch with: contact[at]