Mapping of the short and long term effect of COVID-19 on museums

 Abstract view of a modern stairwell from above. To the right a person is shown walking out of the picture frame.

The majority of museums in Europe are closed in order to contain the spread COVID-19. NEMO would like to map how museums are reacting to and coping with the closure through an in-depth survey.

It is already clear that most museums in Europe are closed, but it is also important to gather more detailed and comparable data on the short- and long term effect on income, staff, online presence and work flow.

In these difficult times, we need to come together as a sector and help each other no matter the size or location of your museum. So please take a moment of your time to contribute to the survey. The results will be used as evidence as to why adequate support to museums is necessary.

Please share the survey with other museums in Europe. The more data we gather, the greater will the impact be.