Museums for Future is branching out in Germany

On 27 May 2021, Museums for Future launched its German sub-group Museums for Future Germany. German museum professionals are encouraged to get active and join the movement fighting for sustainable museum practice and be part of spreading awareness of the climate crisis.

Museums For Future (MFF) was founded in 2019 by employees of various Austrian cultural institutions and has developed into an international initiative with active members from Europe and North America. MFF aims to make every museum climate-conscious and a bold advocate of the Paris Agreement, drawing on their rich cultural capital and storytelling expertise to engage their audiences and communities with relevant and compelling messages that drive positive change to prevent ecological breakdown and secure a sustainable, equitable and culturally diverse future for all.

The recently launched Museums for Future Germany aims at connecting museums to organize and spread awareness of the climate crisis and thus the goals of Museums for Future on a more local level. To begin with, MFF Germany will regularly share different aspects of climate change and its implications for cultural institutions in a climate column.