NEMO discussed access to finance for the CCSs at the FLIP conference

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On 21 June 2021, NEMO Secretary General Julia Pagel joined the final conference of Creative FLIP: Flipping the future – Shaping policy, taking action. She contributed to the panel ‘So you need money?’ to discuss A2F policy making for a more resilient Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) as well as EU funding opportunities available for the sector.

In its Final Conference, the Creative FLIP project showcased its experience and outputs of more than two years’ work on issues central to the CCSIs: Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting/IP.

The project was launched in 2019 with the goal to address the existing systemic problems in the CCSI ecosystem. Creative FLIP has worked on stocktaking of policies and actions and developing new notions and instruments. During the project, Covid-19 pandemic hit society and further emphasized the pre-existing underlying problems and the necessity of strengthening CCSIs to make both the sectors and society more future-proof. During the Creative FLIP final conference, the project will present its contributions towards achieving this goal as well as to discuss co-creating good policies and taking meaningful actions for a more resilient and future-proof sector.