NEMO discussed sustainability in the Green Museum Podcast

 The image consists of four images next to each other. Three of them show museum interiors and are tinted in a greyish green tone. The third from the left is a graphic of an ancient sculpture against a green background with lettering reading "Green Museum. A Podcast".

In the recently published episode of the Green Museum, podcast host Hilary Wilson had invited NEMO Project Officer and sustainability expert Elizabeth Rosenberg to discuss museums’ role in ensuring a sustainable future and the initiative Museums For Future.

Elizabeth Rosenberg was joined by Florian Schlederer and both are active in the sustainability network Museums for Future. NEMO was part of launching Museum For Future at the NEMO European Museum Conference in 2019 and has been an active member ever since. Museums For Future envisions a world in which every museum is climate-conscious and a bold advocate of the Paris Agreement, drawing on their rich cultural capital and storytelling expertise to engage their audiences and communities with relevant and compelling messages that drive positive change to prevent ecological breakdown and secure a sustainable, equitable and culturally diverse future for all.

Listen to the episode to learn more about Museums For Future, how to get involved, how to support climate action within your institution and get to know Elizabeth Rosenberg and Florian Schlederer.

In the Museum Green podcast, Hillary Wilson looks into what museums are doing to mitigate their carbon footprint and how cultural institutions can make their operations more sustainable.