NEMO joined discussion about sustainable transitions for cultural organisations

On 16 September 2021, NEMO Sustainability Expert Elizabeth Rosenberg was invited as a European Climate Pact Ambassador for NEMO to discuss the needs and potential impact of cultural organisations in cities undergoing sustainable transitions.

At the discussion, Rosenberg stated "Culture has been proven to be an effective communicator and connector and our cultural heritage professionals have a wealth of knowledge to be tapped regarding sustainability and traditional resources and design. Furthermore, Cultural Heritage can be a link across sectors and economies within our cities, maintaining the aim of a sustainable transition that leaves no one behind and simultaneously brings Europe forward and closer together."

The project Three Presidencies for Climate (Three4Climate) supports the rotating presidencies of the Council of the European Union (Germany in 2020 and Portugal and Slovenia in 2021). The project creates a platform for local, national and European decision-makers to connect and discuss key elements of climate action, understand mutual interests and work towards a common understanding of the challenges of a carbon-neutral future and potential solutions. The focus is on ambitious climate measures in cities and schools as well as the connection between the actors involved; both horizontally (between countries) and vertically (from local to EU level).