NEMO invited to speak at the European Parliament

On 2 July 2020, NEMO was invited to present its COVID-19 research and the strategies that museums have adopted to connect with their audiences during the lockdown at the general assembly of the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament, which took place between 1-2 July.

NEMO’s report fed into the discussion about the future direction of the Parliament's institutional communication. NEMO Secretary General Julia Pagel informed the participants of the online meeting about NEMO’s perspective on culture in times of pandemics and how interactions with visitors can be developed in times of pandemics.

The European Parliament's Directorate-General for Communication comprises around 1,000 communication professionals from across Europe. Their job is to explain the EU citizens in 24 languages how the EU democracy works and what it delivers to them on a daily basis, while actively listening to their opinion.

  • Find NEMO’s report and other relevant resources online.