NEMO joins global call to put culture at the heart of climate action

Leading up to the COP28 UN Climate Conference, the Climate Heritage Network has launched a call to action asking UNFCCC to recognise the power of heritage, the arts and creative industries for climate action. Together with 100+ other Founding Signatories from six continents, NEMO has signed the call and encourages museums and museum professionals across the world to also support the initiative.  

The call to action addresses the national governments who are parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Paris Agreement. They are asked to adopt a ‘Joint Work on Culture and Climate Action’ decision (JWD), a UN process which would trigger policies and frameworks to enable culture to contribute fully to climate solutions. 

A ‘Joint Work on Culture and Climate Action’ decision would launch a process to:

  • Understand how culture - heritage, arts and creative sectors - is already supporting climate actions and solutions.
  • Harness cultural voices to influence audiences and consumers.
  • Unite the entire culture sector globally to scale up action on the most pressing issue of our time.
  • Influence key policies and discussions on adapting to our changing climate, decarbonising, supporting cultural knowledge keepers, safeguarding heritage and culture, and innovating with our creativity.

If you recognise culture as an indispensable pillar of climate action, sign up to support the campaign and share it with your networks and communities.

Next week at the NEMO European Museum Conference and… ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis, NEMO and the conference participants will continue the important conversations about climate action in Lahti, Finland, from 19-21 November.