NEMO map update shows that museums across all of Europe are open

 This images shows a map of Europe. The green dots represent the NEMO member states and indicate that the museums in these countries have all reopened.

NEMO has updated its interactive map of museum reopenings and closings and is happy to confirm that all countries across Europe included in the map allow museums to be open. The last country to officially allow all museums to reopen was Italy on 21 June 2021.

Most museums in the Balkan countries and the South Caucasus region never had to close again after the first wave in spring 2020. Other countries, such as Poland, have had to shut the museum doors to the public several times. Some countries such as Slovenia and Italy follow colour code systems that indicate which regulations the region and consequently the museums have to follow.

Iceland is the first country in Europe that completely drops the pandemic regulations. This means that since 26 June 2021, museums can operate without having to take the previous safety precautions into consideration.

NEMO is also in the process of confirming and updating the information on the page with more detailed country specific overviews.