NEMO publishes 7 tips for museums to advocate for their sustainable transition

To further help museums take action for the climate and be part of leading the green transition of Europe, NEMO has published a 2-page overview of tips for advocating the sustainable transition of museums.

One of the tasks of modern museums according to NEMO is to develop a platform for advocating for their own sustainable transition, not only by encouraging cultural actors and artistic initiatives to act for sustainability, but also by developing internal strategies and external collaborations.

NEMO offers a guiding hand in this process and presents different opportunities for museums to get started. Together, we can develop recognition and support for the role of museums in addressing the climate crisis.

The suggestions brought forward in the 2-pager are based on national (EU) and local climate and sustainability policies presented in NEMO’s recent report Museums, Climate and Politics - Taking political action in the sustainable transition. The full report supports museums to fulfil their potential as partners with policy makers and community leaders by empowering them with knowledge.

The report follows up on the NEMO research from 2022 on museums in the climate crisis, which showed that only a fraction of museums is aware of climate policies that address them, and that even fewer are consulted when policy makers develop climate policies.

Map of climate action in museums

NEMO is continuously accepting submissions to the interactive map that demonstrates museums' strength in creating awareness, adapting, and fighting climate change. By joining forces, we can create a museum community that is actively steering the topic forward and show that museums can make an impact and difference for the planet.

If you are keen to learn more about how museums can act for the climate, make sure to check out the recordings and other outcomes from the 2023 NEMO European Museum Conference - and… ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis.