NEMO publishes guidelines on climate protection in museums

The guidelines, published by the NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action, aims at empowering museums to participate actively in the pressing global issues of climate change and sustainability. It includes a convenient checklist and provides concrete solutions, from initiating climate impact assessments to integrating sustainability into working mechanisms and educating on climate change. 

The guidelines support museums to make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection at all levels of the museum as well as to inspire action towards the sustainable development of society. These guidelines are suitable both for museums that are getting started and those that already have some experienced from working with ecological issues.  

In four main sections, the reader will learn how to strategically initiate the sustainability process (Get started), which organisational measurements to take (Organise), which fields of action to choose (Act) and how to create a positive change in society (Mobilise). 

The Guidelines are summarised in a checklist that museums can refer to when analysing climate protection processes in their museums and get advice for their sustainability process.  

Estelle De Bryun, leader of the working group, states that cultural institutions such as museums bear a critical role in the sustainable transition. She writes that “the climate crisis compels us to re-evaluate our understanding of these complex phenomena and underscores the imperative need for international and cross-sector collaborations, engaging both the public and policymakers. Society as a whole must unite to address this challenge.

The guidelines are the first resource produced by our youngest working group Sustainability and Climate Action. The members of the group facilitated the translation of the German original to make the guidelines accessible to more museum professionals across Europe.

Map of climate action in museums 

NEMO is continuously accepting submissions to the Climate Action map that demonstrates museums' strength in creating awareness, adapting, and fighting climate change. There is strength in numbers, so please contribute with big and small projects via the form 

By joining forces, we can create a museum community that is actively steering the topic forward and show that museums can make an impact and difference for the planet. 

Call for research proposals  

If you, or someone in your network, ever have been interested to publish a NEMO publication with us and are an expert in either of the topics below, we have two open calls for research proposals. 

Advancing LGBTQIA+ inclusive practices within European museums: This call seeks to address challenges faced by museum professionals while promoting equity, inclusivity, diversity, and cultural sensitivity. 

Climate Action & Civic Engagement - A methodology for museums to host citizen assemblies: The NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action! invites proposals for authorship of a collaborative research project, aiming to develop a methodology empowering museum to host citizen assemblies.