Three quarters of Dutch people find museums indispensable

© Zeeuws Museum, Image: Anda van Riet Two men stand next to each other in front of a glass monter displaying old fashioned clothes. One of the men is carrying a baby in a harness on his belly.

© Zeeuws Museum, Image: Anda van Riet

The Dutch Museums Association has published results of an extended research among the Dutch public about the social impact of museums. The results show that 73% of Dutch people experience museums as indispensable and 85% believe that museums belong to and for everyone.

Additionally, the survey shows that 70% think it is good that the government contributes to museums on a structural basis. 7 in 10 Dutch people have a museum in their immediate vicinity. Respondents expressed that the presence of a museum is important for the identity of their living environment and they believe that museums contribute to the prosperity of the region and the country. In addition, 65% are proud of the wealth of museums in the Netherlands.

For people who have not visited a museum in the past year, the entrance fee is the main reason for not going.

The Dutch Museums Association is pleased with the results, which they find to be positive and encouraging. Director Vera Carasso states that it is wonderful to see that people feel connected to museums and experience them as indispensable. The fact that 85% of people believe that museums belong to all of us is a boost for everyone in our industry. After all, museums are at the heart of society and fulfil an important social role, especially at a local level.