NEMO reports about its COVID-19 research at an online conference

 Screenshot of zoom meeting of the Be Museumer Conference.

On 6 July 2020, NEMO gave a presentation at the online conference “Museums in times of COVID19 - Challenges, re-evaluations, perspectives”. The conference, which was organised by the Georgian Museums Association, NEMO, ICOM Georgia and Tbilisi State Academy of Art took place within the framework of the Creative Europe funded project BE MUSEUMER.

NEMO Secretary General Julia Pagel introduced the participants to NEMO’s research and report on COVID-19’s impact on the museum sector. The conference, which took place from 6-7 July 2020, analysed problems, difficulties and challenges caused by the pandemic on museums, discuss approaches or values revisited after the crisis, share best practices of museums’ digital engagement during the pandemic and debate on the future development of museums in post-pandemia lives.