NEMO shared insights at UNESCO Multistakeholder Dialogue

NEMO was invited by UNESCO to speak at the Multistakeholder Dialogue on Culture and Arts Education that took place from 25-26 May 2023 in Paris, France. NEMO Secretary General Julia Pagel shared thoughts on the role of digital learning tools and AI for museums.

UNESCO organised the Multistakeholder Dialogue to collect information and input for its upcoming Framework on Culture and Arts Education, which is being conceived in response to its Member States calling for enhanced synergies and interdisciplinarity between the fields of culture and education to better cater to the needs and aspirations of a fast-evolving environment and learning context that requires more agile, inclusive and resilient societies.

Pagel based her presentation on the recent NEMO publication Digital Learning and Education in Museums. In summary of her contribution in the panel "Digital technologies and AI: Culture and arts education at the helm of the technology frontier". Pagel elaborated “Don’t ask what digital apps and AI can do for culture, ask what the arts and culture can do for digital development and AI, since she finds that art and culture can and should help inform and shape the discussions in the wake of the exponential growth of AI.”

The future UNESCO Framework on Culture and Arts Education aims to foster horizontal approaches in policy and planning, geared at integrating the diverse dimensions of culture, from heritage to creativity, while equally reflecting the contemporary challenges and opportunities that impact profoundly the cultural and education sectors, including those resulting from the expansion of digital technologies and the evolution of socioeconomic development and the future of work.

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