NEMO spoke about Accessible Museums at COME IN! Conference and Award Ceremony

On 11 September 2019, the final conference and first award ceremony of the project "COME-IN! - Cooperating for open access to museums towards a wider inclusion" took place in Brussels, Belgium. NEMO was invited to give a speech about challenges that museums experience in their ambition to become accessible.

The COME-IN! project, funded by Interreg Central Europe, aims at valorising cultural heritage by enhancing the capacities of small and medium-sized museums to be open for all by making museums accessible. As a mean of encouraging museums to become accessible, the first “COME-IN! Label Award Ceremony” will take place during the conference.

The label is based on the COME-IN! Guidelines, including UN-CRPD and European laws.

It aims at being a worldwide label for museums engaged in accessibility, promoting democracy, non-discrimination and equal opportunities, as well as accessible culture and equal cultural rights for all interested people. It also promotes new ways of thinking and accessing culture through multi-sensory experiences and innovative approaches.

>> In May 2018, NEMO organised a webinar on accessibility in museums. Have a look at Michèle Taylor’s NEMO Webinar Museums for All? Going beyond ramps and toilets to embrace access and inclusion for Deaf and disabled people.

>> Learn more about the COME-IN! Label