NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action convened in Slovenia for a study visit

 9 persons standing in a line smiling for a group photo.

The two-day study visit on 7-8 April 2024 took place Brežice and Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia, where the NEMO Working Group was graciously hosted by the Slovenian Museums Association.  

Seven members from the NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action participated in the study visit, deepening discussions and sharing practical tools for a more sustainable museum community. 

A significant portion of the visit was dedicated to a workshop aimed at refining the outcomes of the group's previous working session, which took place in Lahti, Finland, as part of NEMO’s last European Museum Conference: “and... ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis”. This workshop provided a focused environment for participants to critically analyse and build upon their previous efforts. One of the highlights of the visit was a hybrid discussion on participative methods for developing sustainable museums and communities.  

Participants also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural offerings of the region. They were treated to a delightful accordion performance during the monthly 'First Sunday at the Museum' event and had the privilege of exploring multiple local museums situated in a region rich with archaeological discoveries and heritage.  

Further enriching their experience, participants engaged in a co-creative workshop with members of the Slovenian National Assembly. Together, they worked collaboratively to identify indicators of sustainability specifically tailored to the museum sector. This interaction not only facilitated meaningful dialogue but also fostered potential avenues for future endeavours of the group. 

Overall, the two-day study visit was a blend of co-creation and cultural immersion, fostering a collaborative environment where participants shared and shaped the varied possibilities for development in the realm of sustainability and museums. 

NEMO’s Working Groups provide an opportunity for members of NEMO to get connected, learn and share experiences through organised study visits and events. The groups also inform the wider museum sector by publishing studies, recommendations and reports. At the moment NEMO has three active Working Groups: