Now online: NEMO Webinar on rethinking museum accessibility strategies

The recording of the recent NEMO Webinar with accessibility expert Maria Chiara Ciaccheri shares thoughts on rethinking museum accessibility strategies. She presents actions to make the museum experience more inclusive and suggests how to promote change and accessibility beyond the museum walls.

What does it mean to talk about museum accessibility today? What are the barriers and stereotypes that need to be broken down? How can accessibility promote change in cultural organisations and society at large? But first: what concrete actions should we take within organisations to bring about this change?

For a number of years, many cultural institutions have viewed access as an issue of critical importance, yet the discussions remain problematic. The topic is increasingly present at conferences and specialised courses, while more and more institutions are investing in this area. Nonetheless, the discipline still struggles to establish itself as a shared mindset and remains superficial. To change its impact, in fact, it needs to be considered under a different light: by broadening the target audience and be viewed as a widespread, processual and, above all, strategic perspective that involve, step by step, the whole staff.

Meet the speaker

Maria Chiara Ciaccheri is a museum consultant and researcher in the field of museum accessibility. With a background in learning and visitor studies in museums (University of Leicester, United Kingdom) and extensive research in the USA, for American Alliance of Museums she wrote Museum Accessibility by Design. A Systemic Approach to Organizational Change (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022). Based in Italy, she works with We Exhibit, and different museums and organisations.